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Danette Sigmon 5k

There will be a 5k fun run/walk in memory of my good friend Danette Sigmon on September 21 in Brunswick at Five Star Gymnastics (where Danette was a coach and her daughter still competes). The registration form is attached to this post.

Jillian's training tip

Angela's favorite training tip from the Biggest Loser:

Bob losing it on the Biggest Loser

Angela's favorite moment from the Biggest Loser ever:

New Yoga Classes

Angela recently completed her 200 hour registered yoga teacher training and is now officially a Registered Yoga Teacher, or yogini. She is now offering two yoga classes a week at her house as well offering Yoga On the Go, where Angela will come to your place of business to give yoga instruction. The classes at home are "Flexibility for Mind and Body" on Sundays at 6:30 and "Sweat It Out Power Yoga" on Thursdays at 6:00. Space is limited so use the "Email Angela" link at the top of the page to reserve your place now.

Myth about women and weight lifting

Are you afraid you might bulk up if you lift weights? Think for a second about how many men vs. women you see everyday that are bulked up? Chances are you only see this in men. What makes men bulk up? Its the hormone testosterone and women simply do not create enough of this hormone to bulk up like men do. When men are trying to bulk up its not always easy, a very strict diet and exercise routine must be followed. Women who lift will get tone not bulky. Here are some benefits for women who lift weights. Go ahead and google "benefits of weight lifting and women" and read all the positive articles.

  1. increase bone density and fight osteoporosis
  2. increase strength, endurance and energy
  3. increase your metabolism and become leaner
  4. improved balance with core and leg strength
  5. decrease your chance of getting heart disease and diabetes
  6. decrease your chance of getting low back pain